What can I recycle?


Bin #1

These materials must be rinsed before placing in the bin for recycling. Contaminated or dirty materials are less likely to be accepted at the processing facility and more likely to end up in a landfill. Thank you for doing your part to make sure this doesn’t happen!



We accept both aluminum and steel cans. Please rinse all cans.


We accept all glass drink bottles and food jars. Please rinse all containers. We do not accept light bulbs, ceramics, windows, headlights, or any other type of glass.


We accept all plastic containers marked with #1 - #5 on the bottom.

Bin # 2

Corrogated Cardboard

Boxes must have an inner-wavy layer of ridge. Please break down boxes. For pickup, please place the bin on top of boxes too large to fit.


This includes magazines as well and any inserts that come in the newspaper.

Mixed Paper

This group includes such things as junk mail, cereal boxes, toilet/paper towel rolls, and other items.


What can’t I recycle?

We all love recycling and hate throwing materials in the trash. However there are some things that we are unable to accept. These things interrupt and delay the processing procedure and add extra costs. The processor will then throw the materials away. Help keep the recycling process efficient by reducing your use of these materials in the first place, reusing them, or putting them in the garbage as a last resort.

  • Plastic Bags

  • Paper towels

  • Aluminum foil

  • Black microwaveable trays

  • Plastic film (bubble wrap, plastic wrap)

  • Styrofoam / packing peanuts

  • Dishes

  • Mirror and window glass

  • Motor Oil bottles

  • Metal items that are not cans-- like frying pans/pots